Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Phase One: Day 6.

Tomorrow I weigh in to see how much I've lost since starting Phase on the SBD. 

Since a week ago, I've discovered Atkins frozen dinners and they. Are. Really. Good!!!! 

I'm conquering these sugar cravings and trying to finally reach my 100 pound weight loss goal! I've been so close for so long now...I'm sick and tired of not actually getting there! Grrrr! 

Here are some selfies... Lol they're kinda fun! 
I actually like wearing cute clothes now. I used to NOT care at all! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 20, 21, and 22...Squats, Veggies, and a Yoga Pose...

Day 20 said to do squats and told me to record how many I did.....  I didn't do squats...I went to the gym. But hang on just a sec I'll do them now in the movie store. Brb....haha just kidding. 

Day 21- a picture of my veggies so here are my veggies from the day before yesterday, yesterday AND today! 
Kale chips.....followed by...
Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Baby Carrots topped with a slice of cheese and steamed. And for today, I had the same with my Frozen Chili Atkins Dinner....

Day 22-A Yoga Pose

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Just some randomness.....

We ate at Ruby Tuesdays today. (We never eat there and now I know why. It's EXPENSIVE!). Anyway, this is what I ate for lunch and supper. It was delicious. Grilled Salmon, spaghetti squash, and grilled Zuchini. Yum. 

This is what I snacked on at work tonight to keep myself out of the candy. 

Day 3 of Phase one complete! :) 

Day 19-My Favorite Motivational Quote...

Hmmm. I have SEVERAL! Go figure! 
My absolute favorite is...
Heard it from my husbands doctor when he was diagnosed with diabetes. 

Coming in a close second are several quotes....and here they are. 



I really do want to inspire people and let them know that it can be done. But you have to really want it. It's hard work, but oh, so worth it! 

And it is so true when people say that running is such a release. Yes, it is! 

And of course, Christ gives me strength to continue daily. It's a hard battle to fight. I can't do it without Him! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 18- A Picture of my Breakfast..

Oops. I didn't read what I was supposed to do before I ate my breakfast so I have no picture! However.... 

I'll tell you what I ate. 

Scrambled egg whites and egg beaters and 2 pieces of Jimmy Dean turkey sausage. Yum. 

I'm on Day 2 of Phase 1 of the SBD. Going pretty good :)  I like not counting calories. It seems like as soon as I started counting calories, it got more difficult to lose. So I'm going to stick to this for a while....  :) 

Random thoughts....
We went to see Bon Jovi in concert tonight. I felt like a kid again and I think if I would have still been 242ish pounds...I wouldn't have felt that way. Here he is...
And here's me acting like a teeny bop taking selfies of myself on the way to the concert. Simply because I can...and because I was feeling pretty confident tonight! It was fun! 
Now if I would have looked like this....
I wouldn't have taken a selfie....

That's all! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 17: My Biggest Unhealthy Weaknesses...

Right now I would have to say.....the teacher's lounge!  We have so many good cooks that like to cook and cook all the time!!!  We celebrate everyone's birthday and have DELICIOUS cakes made by one of our very own teachers! Of course I have to try it and then I have to have more...and then it just goes downhill from there! lol 

However, TODAY I began Phase 1 of the SBD. I have got to get this under control. 

I refuse to be that person who gains their weight back! I will NOT! 

It's a constant battle, but a battle that I'm willing to fight and a battle worth fighting! 
I choose discipline!